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Are the hats new?
Oh, yes, they are. They are made to look weathered and worn. Each hat is given a vintage wash, making them feel as if you have been wearing them for years.

How do you ship and how much does it cost?
All orders are shipped using USPS or UPS from Mesa, AZ. Please allow 48 hours for order processing because we make each hat as the orders come in. Orders received on weekends will be processed the following Monday. We try to fill wholesale order within 5 to 7 business days (summer is our busiest season).

Can I buy something if I don’t live in the U.S.?
Yes, you sure can!

Is everything secure on your website?
Shopify and PayPal payments are processed using a SSL secure payments processor.

Do you charge sales tax?
Sales tax is included in the price, so no additional charges will be added to your order. 

Do you share our information?
Nope, never.

Who takes your beautiful photographs?
Our amazing friend and photographer, Leah

Where else can I keep up with what you’re doing?
Instagram is my JAM, you can find me posting photos of new designs, customer photos and sometimes about my life.